i want to create a contour to ply file(from 3d mesh).

hello~i have some problems.

i made a contour. but there are too many empty places.

so, i want to create a contour to ply file.

however, there is no location information in the ply file.

how i know reference point in ply file?

ex)0,0,0 location in ply file -> ?,?,? real location

I am not certain I understood what you are trying to do. Can you please explain in more details what you would like to achieve?

This article shows how to geolocate the 3D Textured Mesh, which might help in what you are trying to do: 

Have you tried modifying the options for the contour lines? e.g. reduce the elevation interval. 

 i try this option.

but contour is still a lot empty… :frowning: