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How to configure 3D model parameters using Pix4Dengine APIs

Hi Team,

We are trying to load Pix4D model (Michigan Central Station, Quarry 2.0, and Office Building model - .obj, .mtl and .jpg) on a web application using threejs. For smooth/ seamless spin and rotation of model, changes have been done in rotation and translation parameters of the model.
In our application, we will be using Pix4Dengine APIs for creation of 3D model, are these parameters set during export of model using Pix4Dengine APIs?

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Saloni,

There are two items to keep in mind when building a viewer such as this:

The mesh’s geolocation details, and the mesh’s internal shape.

The mesh geolocation details (meaning what you have to do to orient the object and scale it correctly in three.js) must be adjusted afterwards in your build/implementation of three.js. This is due to the fact that there are not many good mesh formats that currently include any sort of geolocation details internally. It all must be adjusted during the load into three.js essentially. This includes spot location of the mesh in the viewer and scaling if you are matching it to a basemap.

For the mesh’s shape, each generated mesh export format stores the x, y, z coordinates of each vertex in the 3D mesh. All formats except dxf also store the texture data.
with our Pix4Dengine release 1.0 or 1.1 you will be able to export the 3D mesh (at this moment) into four known formats:
-dxf file (no texture information)
-fbx file (embedded texture data)
-obj file (jpg and mtl texture files)
-ply file (jpg texture file)

The mesh quality and shape can be influenced by tuning up its algorithmic option parameters (refer to class pix4dengine.options.AlgoOption.Mesh) and/or by filtering outliers from the densified point cloud (class pix4dengine.options.AlgoOption.Densification).
Exporting the already generated mesh and saving it into files does not change the mesh content.

Whether you require any assistance with your prototype, integration or you have more specific questions about our Pix4Dengine SDK product, please refer to our Pix4Dengine SDK documentation or contact directly our support. We’ll be glad to help!

Yours Sincerely,
The Pix4D Support Team

Hi Timonthy,

Thank you so much for the reply.
I am trying to setup Pix4Dengine python SDK on Ubuntu/ Linux machine, following It suggests to download the .deb file, but I could not get the required deb file on the suggested page( Is there any trial version available for Pix4Dengine python SDK (deb file installation)?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Saloni,

Accessing the Pix4Dengine installer package requires an active Pix4Dengine license to view the download page. I can certainly get you a trial so that you may access this page directly to procure the .deb file.

I have added a 10 day Engine SDK trial to your current account. To set up an extended license I would need you to have a Pix4D account via either a company or educational email. If you need additional time to evaluate or develop message me back here via the “contact support” button at the top of the page with an appropriate email and we can get you a longer trial!

With that you should be able to find your download at

If you run into any issues or have any additional questions please feel free to ask us here!

Yours Sincerely,