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How should I troubleshoot this?

Hello all. I hope this question finds you well and thanks in advance for your time. I have done several hundred projects using p4d and C3d, and for the first time, have points imported from .txt that are not matching the spray painted field markers that correspond to our surveyed control points.

This project encompasses a large hospital complex and was the most time and resource intensive job thus far in terms of processing.

I’ve attached a video here showing details of the issue

Video of Issue

Thank You

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“…was the most time and resource intensive job thus far in terms of processing…”
First off, please post your quality report. Just about everyone here that can give you sound advice is going to be doing that based on what they see in the quality report.

  1. Your video looks like your marks are off by roughly the same amount that mine are off when I don’t use ground control. Are you sure that you re-optimized after marking control? Did you merge subprojects and reoptimize after?

  2. Did you change your processing settings on this project, since I’m guessing you were sweating the processing time if this is the biggest project you’ve done to date?

  3. Automatic “Rematch” (Initial Processing->Calibration) is disabled on projects over 500 images. This could be a concern I suppose, but the ortho in your video doesn’t appear to have errors in it that I would expect here.

Anyways, my guess without seeing the quality report would be #1 (control was marked, but didn’t reoptimize after). That mistake can happen to a brand new user just as easily as someone with a lot of experience in a production environment.