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How delete a grid mission from a previous location?

I am totally new with Pix4D.
I am setting up a training for park rangers in developing countries and need to run a path of photographs in a straight line with slight overlap. I tested it in the West of the USA during a trip. Now I am back in the East but I can’t delete the grid mission or tell it to move to another part of the country. It is impossible to move it with my finger. Please help me out to delete the original grid, so I can make another at a different location.

I have had I believe the same issue of trying to get a mission plan in a different location. Perhaps this will work. It does for me. I shrink the map using pinching action of 2 fingers to a scale I can quickly move to where I need the new mission. I then zoom in to the mission site. In the lower right of the screen there is a start button, then moving left there is a save button and then a circle arrow with a dot in the middle. Press the arrow circle button and it should move the mission planning rectangle to your new mission area.

I hope this helps. |

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Thanks for you comments. I actually did that when in Salt Lake City. It works for overseeable distances. It is difficult however for moving it to the DC area, let alone for intercontinental location moves.
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Hi @wice ,

As @mquilter said, it should solve your issue. I would also suggest to you:

  • to zoom out until you can see your position on the world map then position the grid over the desired location.
  • Tap the button to recenter the grid over your current GPS position. (button on the bottom left corner of the screen).

If the above method doesn’t solve your issue, I would suggest you to uninstall the app and reinstall it back.