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Grid Mission around the Radio Towers

Is there a way we can make and continue in the Mission Grid even if there is a Radio / Signal Tower that will have an interference in our signal with the DJI Inspire I?
Because everytime we try in some places that has a Radio Tower in the surrounding the Mission is not continuing or it will just take start at the first point then after a seconds it will appear that it’s already finished. Or worst it will not go to the mission grid instead it will fly away… that’s what we encountered.
and by the way our gps is more than 8 on the ground but at the time it will fly it will decrease its satellite or sometimes zero gps.

You might need to look at other environment issues.  While not a specific radio signal, I fly within 20 feet of cellular antenna with very little GPS issue in DJI Phantom 3A and DJI Matrice 600.  The grid mission is uploaded to the drone so it won’t be an issue of communication to your remote control.

I never like being under 10 GPS lock and it always increases for me after getting a decent altitude so there is definitely more going on with your situation.

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@RASA surveying

Some users reported a similar issue on Android but also on iOS.
We investigated several log files and could not find something explicit.

There is nothing evident on Pix4Dcapture’s side that might prevent the drone from continuing the mission, even in case of poor connection. We believe it is more on DJI’s side. Could you check in DJI GO (4) if the drone is correctly calibrated?


Thank you for sharing your experience. 



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Hi again Sir Adam Jordan and Sir Blaz,

Thank you so much for the reply even though I read it late hehe

I forgot to open this account because of  busy schedule and maybe because I got some answer from others… but thank you so much for your kindness also :slight_smile:

I’ll take note all of that!

Thank you again! :slight_smile: