Hi. Can I georeference my model having just one GCP? I couldn´t so far, even using the reoptimize or rematch and reoptimize commands. What would be the procedure, if possible.

Another question is how can I edit a volume’s boundary? I need to move or add some points, and the only option I find is removing them. I have a very complex boundary and I wouldnt want to have to draw it all back again.


Minimum of three GCP’s is required for them be taken into account in the reconstruction:

You can edit the volume’s boundaries by once clicking on a dot then click it once more and the same time hold the left mouse button and drag and drop the point to it’s new location.

As far as I know you can’t add points to a calculation. You need to draw it again if you need more points


Thanks a lot. I’ve tried moving the point as you said and it works (it was the most logical procedure, I don’t know why I tried the most difficult ones first, haha).