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Generating a 3D tower image that is in water

I am working on generating a 3D model of a tower that is in the middle of the river. I have flown the tower a few times and have been able to capture the pictures around the tower at 3 different heights and with the camera angle suggested in other articles with 45 degrees for the top pass and then straight at the tower for the next two passes around at the lower elevation.

When I go to generate a 3D model of the tower, the tower is not in the picture. The picture defaults to the bank of the river where it picks up ground terrain.

Has anyone else attempted this procedure and had any luck with reconstructing the tower that is in the water.

Hi Fred,

Did you perform circular missions around the tower? Did you have an overlapping part between the missions performed at the different flight heights? Oblique images capturing the tower should be taken in all passes, so that the parts of the tower to be captured in all the images.

For more information about the recommended image acquisition plan for the reconstruction of large vertical structures, such as the tower you can take a look at the following article: