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fruit load index

hello. i want to estimate fruit load for every tree per kg. do you know how can i do ?

Hi Shahab, You will not be able to estimate fruit load with only drone multispectral data. You will need some ground truth data like the fruit load (for some tress) and then you could correlate and predict the load for other trees. However, I do not know how high the correlation might be, you might need more data as Fruit load will not only be dependant on the index maps/ plant health/stress. There might be some other factors you will need to consider.

thank you for answering… if i have this data… how can i estimate???please help me

Shadeb, You will need to read some journal papers/research studies to see how people have estimated fruit load. You will only be able to generate vegetation index maps/Reflectance maps/Zonation map in Pix4D.