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Free flight mission not work with Yuneec H520

With the last version of Pix4dCapture, free flight mission doesn’t work on Yuneec H520. When remote control and drone are connect, the window for planning doesn’t view. Maybe the problem is an conflict whit GPS. When i try open the screen for free flight mission, the sign of gps on remote disappears. Any idea? 

Hi Matteo,

Free Flight missions are not implemented using the Yuneec H520.
I will share your feedback with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.


Ok Gaël, Thank you very much for your answer! But is strange, because before the last version, i had used with success free flight mission on yuneec h520…

Best regards

Hi Matteo,

I checked with the developers and it should not be the case. However, be reassured that the request for free flight missions using the Yuneec H520 has been shared with them.

Best regards,