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FlightLog.csv field definitions

I recently had a flyaway where I unfortunately was not able to locate the drone. I pulled the flightlog.csv from my iPad and traced the last known path and last known location from the csv. There is a wealth of information stored in the log file however I don’t know what all the fields mean. Does anyone have any metadata on them? Some are very self explanatory while others I am not sure about however they may provide some additional information for me to locate my drone.
Here are all the field. I Bolded the ones which I am unsure of their meaning:


The three in common are integer values that I image have a real-word meaning. Descriptions of those would be really helpful as well.

Thank you for any info you may be able to provide

Hello @abowne,

The flight log is related to the Pix4Dcapture app, and these are the terms used by the developer and shouldn’t be used to refer any information out of it. These advance terms might not have the general meaning as you expect.

For extracting the last position of the drone, I would suggest you to look for the final recorded location(lat and lon) .csv file recorded for the individual mission.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was able to successfully locate the last lat/lon and plot it. What I was hoping is that the fields in question might give me some insight into the state of the drone at that point. For instance, “flyingState” or “nativeFlyingState” or “events” might tell me if the drone was hovering, returning to home, etc. Everything else seems to be very relevant and has been helpful so far.

Thank you!