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Flight Limits

Is it possible to over-ride the flight limits determined by the capture app. The capture cap gives me a red box if the site is too large so I make the site smaller so I get a green box and fly the mission. The mission only takes about six minutes and I have plenty of battery life left.


Hello Larry,

Below is the meaning of the grid colors.

  • Green grid: The grid size is optimal to fly the mission with a fully charged battery.
  • Yellow grid: The grid size is might be too large to fly the mission with a fully charged battery or it is too small to give optimal 3D models and maps.
  • Red grid: The grid size is too large to be able to fly the whole mission with a fully charged battery.
    This implies the drone may run short of battery during the mission. Its autonomy might also be sufficient until the end of the mission.
    However the drone will not crash if it cannot finish the mission. It will land near its current location or go back to the starting point if the battery level is enough.

You are able to launch the mission regardless of the grid color.
We would recommend that you try to fly with a yellow grid first before flying a larger grid.

Best regards,


We have found that the color also effects whether or not you will keep a good wifi connection the whole flight.  Yellow tends to lose connectivity in the farthest sections of the flight plan for us on our stock P2V+, leading to gaps in the data.  We try to only fly green grids for this reason and can run 2 green grid missions on one battery.