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False measure and not all the pictures are processed

Régis Schweizer

Oct 14, 2021, 15:54 GMT+2

every project I mesure , I have the same problem: the drone take for example 143 images and then he only download 98 images (for example project 00037)
I always use full battery with my mavic pro 2 and the drone want to end the mission in the midle (battery 75%), I resume and start the mission again.
he does all the pictures but then, he only download part of them.
when the project is proceeded at end, i have a 3D plane/picture but with false measures.
it’s not the first time and i loose a lot of time.

thank you for your help

Régis Schweizer

Hello @schweizersolaire, I would suggest you extract the raw images from the SD card rather than downloading them from the drone and then uploading it.