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exporting site calibration file in Matic

This is probably an eye roller question but… we work often on projects which were processed in mapper for which we go back and set up the base on the same point time after time. In mapper we just use the exported calibration file but I don’t know how to do that in matic.
After calibrating a site with GCPs, how do I export that calibration and later use it for more missions in matic?

Hi @photchkiss,

What data exactly do you reuse? If you could describe the steps in more detail and provide an example file, it will help to understand the context and why this makes your workflow easier. I’m not sure I totally understand which part of the calibration you reuse at the moment.


In mapper the calibration file can be exported. This essentially is a localization from the GCPs.

Lets say there is a landfill and we need to create a base surface prior to its becoming active. Then incrementally we come back and get additional surfaces such that volumes may be calculated. This also is done on construction sites for volumes and a chronological record of the progress.

With the calibration file we are able to simply reoccupy the base point (we are using a P4RTK) and fly the mission without setting GCPs other than for checking an RCP. This is a big timesaver on a big site and furthermore ensures a more accurate orientation of the surfaces we are comparing.

Thank you