Drone crashed into metal post while manual adjusting auto landing

Has anyone else experienced a DJI Phantom Pro 4 losing control while landing during a Pix4D Capture mapping mission near a metal fence? I had my landing site set approximately 10 feet from a metal fence and as it was landing with the auto function, but when I took the controls to finely adjust the landing manually, the drone partially lost control and the remote controller would not respond. Instead the drone went straight for a metal fence pole. Although I was moving the joystick in the direction of the metal post to manually adjust the landing, I only meant to move the drone forward no more than a foot or two-- instead it went forward about 10 feet towards the metal post without stopping. The drone didn’t respond when I attempted to steer it away from the metal post, it was unresponsive to my attempts to reverse it and crashed into the steel post. It responded when I attempted to move it up but would not let it stop me from it moving forward (I had attempted to move it backward to stop the forward movement). I also attempted to look at my flight logs and they were pretty difficult to read and I could not take any useful information from them. My question is, is a single metal fence post and chain link fence enough to cause signal interference with the Phantom Pro 4? If so, is this only when mapping with Pix4D Capture or does this occur in other apps, too?

Sorry Megan!

Did you by-chance cycle the flight mode switch?

Hi Gary, 

If what you mean by Flight Mode switch is whether I switched over to Video view from the map view, then I probably did. I took manual control of the drone to assist the landing, so that it was no longer in the mapping mission and I usually always switch over to video view as the drone is landing, while moving the camera gimbal upwards to protect it from sand scratching during the landing.