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/cropped subfolder

Sometimes after flying a mission I find a subfolder Mission_XXXXX/data/cropped containing in turn six folders named 0 to 5. These folders have a subset of the full picture data. They all have the same number of pictures. They look like different crops of the original pictures at different sizes.

What is that about? Is it a sign of a failure of some sort? Could not find anything in the forum nor the logs.

Using Pix4D capture 2.0.8 on Android 4.1.2 with Phantom 2 Vision+.

Thank you

Apparently I get the /cropped when I sync a mission from drone to smartphone using the mission manager. I don’t get the extra folder when I sync automatically after a mission finishes. So the setting Sync automatically when mission ends (203873435) seems to have this secondary effect too. Apart from that I don’t see any other differences, so it doesn’t look like to me as anything to worry about.


Hi Daniele,

Thank you for sharing your experience again.

There are folders that the developers need but the users should not worry about it :).
This is why there is no documentation on that. They are internal files.