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convert the orthomosaic 32 to 16 bits

somebody know how to convert the orthomosaic from 32 to 16 bits??

Hi @dron,

There is a possibility to change the bit depth of the output orthomosaic, but please be aware that you will lose accuracy when you convert from 32bit floating point values to 16bit integer values.

The external tool that we use is the open source QGIS (download link here) and the steps are described as follows:

  1. Start QGIS and add an orthomosaic file using Ctrl+Shift+R

  2. From the Raster tab > Convert > Translate (Convert Format) and customize the following options (input orthomosaic, output data type, output orthomosaic):

  3. Click Run .

  4. In order to verify the output data type, open the resulting orthomosaic in QGIS and in the Layers view (lower left) right click on the orthomosaic name > Properties… . > Data Type

Hope this will help,