Can't Cancel proces smartgrid


Bumbing in to mulitiple system crash or program nog responding during excecuting tasks.
Result => vecotrising 3 times lost all my data.

Considering to stop working with the sofware since the price of working with it is frustration and failure… and valuable time consuming!

Smart grid detection for excample can’t be canceld… lost data
Vectorising data ramdom crash
Exporting 100% status bug

Again afther restarting all of my data is gone!

I see the potatial of the software but for now i’m serieusly considering acad with tiff again!

hope you can help of improve the product!

Hi @Levi_Kooman,

Thank you for your message and your valuable feedback. I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues using PIX4Dsurvey.

Do you know if the issue is happening on all the devices you are trying or only with a specific device? If the issue is limited to a specific device, ensure it fulfills the Minimum hardware recommendation (link below).

Also, when you try to reopen a project, the so-called project recovery function of PIX4Dsurvey should recover the project.
Could you eventually share with us additional information on the crash? Is this happening with all the data or only with a specific project? We would find really helpful if you could provide the logs to us (menu Help > Export project logs…).

Also, if you don’t want to share information in the public community, feel free to contact us directly Here.