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can we process all bands seperately


I have ebee Q Sequoia, 5000 images that has 4 bands, Red,RedEdge, Green, NIR. Can I process red bands separately and get output and then process NIR bands separately and get reliable outputs… is there any difference in processing all the bands at a time and each band separately.?

Thank you

 Dear Hai,

It is equivalent in terms of radiometry quality. The geometric calibration part (Step 1) might differ slightly, or fail if a particular band saturates for some images. A particular attention should be paid when the project is merged, or when the association of NIR and RED bands are georegistered to create vegetation index like NDVI.

To get the most reliable outputs quickly, we advice to process all the bands at a time. If there is an issue with processing capacity (hardware, time), we suggest to use our cloud service.

Best regards,