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Basemap for Closed System iOS

My first post here - I think this has already been answered in the negative because I have spent quite a while looking without success. There are several posts that state this app can be used without internet but they are misleading because the listed method still requires internet - just not in the field. Per regulation my closed system controller cannot ever be connected to the internet after initial setup. So the only option for transferring files to/from is via USB, bluetooth, or possibly airdrop. Is there any possible way to download files to another device that has internet then transfer them to my iPad mini controller? Ideally, I would like to export tiles from Arcmap since we have great imagery but not sure if I can even export tms map tiles from Arcmap. And even if I could, could I load them to the iPad mini so that they could be used by pix4dcapture?
Thanks for any advice or guidance.

The Pix4Dcaptuer doesn’t support all the controllers. For more information about the supported drone and camera, I would suggest you to go through our below support article, Supported drones, cameras and controllers.
Regarding the app operating offline, if your device is supported, you definitely need to log in using the internet connection and then can use it offline. The bas map won’t be there unless you create a mission while connected to the internet and then go to the filed and complete your mission.

My drone is an Anafi Thermal which is listed on the page you linked to. The controller is an iPad Mini 5 which is running Parrot’s Free Flight for normal control but I also have the Pix4DCapture installed which works as well – just without base maps. My problem is that these are U.S. Department of Defense systems which are not allowed to connect to ANY network once they are set up and ready for mission. I work for the Army Corps of Engineers so I am subject to DoD restrictions as well. On all other platforms we use, I am able to load base maps imagery using a wired connection and then place it in the appropriate file folder on the controller. It sounds like that capability is not available using this software but that seems like a shortcoming in the software. The assumption that all users will always have an internet connection is incorrect although I understand that the vast majority would. We often work in remote areas for many days at a time as well as humanitarian efforts where infrastructure is temporarily non-existent. If Pix4Dcapture can import files over the internet, why couldn’t it import them via file transfer or NFC or Bluetooth? It seems they would just have to be in the same format and file structure.

Thanks for your response.

Hello Damien,

If all your hardware is supported, you should be able to save the offline maps so that it can be used later in the field where there is no internet. However, for this, you have to first plan a mission in advanced with an Internet connection, then save the project. When you go to a remote location without internet, you can then open a mission with the offline background maps and complete your mission. For more information, Offline basemap and missions / How to operate flights without internet.
However, you don’t have the option to load base maps imagery using a wired connection and then place it in the appropriate file folder on the controller.

If you are using the android version of Pix4Dcapture, you can also import the .kml/.kmz file to identify the boundary for a mission. For more information, visit (Android) Import .kml/.kmz file.

Thanks for the info Kapil. I hope Pix4D will consider adding that function in the future since many agencies and companies require “closed” systems due to operational security. And with all the security breaches happening all over the world, I think it will only get worse. Thank you for the explanation.