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Bands Editor doesn't accept 2 band camera - Canon S110 + event38 filter

As suggested by event38 support I am trying to edit my camera bands but when I try to select new profile it doesn’t appears on the list.

I made some screenshot:

My band configuration doesn’t appear in the list even if selected as default

Bands configuration

Selected as default

But only old one is selectable

Deleted old configuration leaving only the new one

And no configuration appears

Trying to click OK gives error

Thank you in advance

Dear Giordano,

This issue is due to the fact that the software can detect that your camera has 3 bands. If there is one band you do not want to use, you should leave it (do not remove it), and simply unselect it. It will then be called Garbage. If your camera has 3 bands, it is important that you define 3 bands in the band configuration editor. 

Best regards,

It worked, thank you very much

I know this is an old thread but Giordano,

Do you still use the event38 drone?

If so would I be able to ask you a couple questions about PPK?