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Altitude error and orthomosaic problem (one object appear as multiple)

Hi, I am using DJI Matrice 100 to acquire data over seven different locations. The problems are:

  1. After processing the data, the elevation error is high which up to more than 20 meters.

  2. For certain area, the elevation value is negative.

  3. Orthomosaic result showed that one object appear as multiple especially for high object as an example transmission tower.

4. The orthomosaic photo is inaccurate especially for high object

Therefore, it would be much appreciated if Pix4d or anyone could help in solving these matters. Thanks



How many tie points do you have in this area, it may be your issue I have had this from multiple flights in an area and just added MTP’s and the issue was solved.

The power lines may not line up due to movement use the towers as MTPs and see how that works for you.


Hope this helps.