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Adjust clipping on project bounds

My projects get clipped to the bounds I input in the mission planning. In most scenarios, this isn’t a problem. However, my latest project I was mapping a bowl-shaped terrain. On the edge of this bowl are 200 ft trees. For optimal photos, I fly within this bowl rather than over the tops of the trees just beyond the edge. So my mission stays within the bowl when actually, I want to incorporate the edges of the bowl as well.

I’ve found that clipping doesn’t occur when you process photos with no mission logs, this can lead to way more terrain than necessary. It would be nice to have some control over where the clipping occurs so it’s not one extreme or the other.

Hi Josh,

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

Could be a little more specific, I am not really sure to understand the tool you are requesting.

What do you mean by “when you process photo with no mission logs”?
Does it means that you acquired your images by manual flight?

If you could provide an image or screen shot that would described what you are experiencing that would help us to describe the feature to the developers.